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    TEX WILLER - 600 - I DEMONI DEL NORD (A COLORI) Scaled.php?tn=0&server=843&filename=texwiller600000

    The Demons of the North
    Story and Screenplay: Mauro Boselli
    Drawings: John Ticci
    Cover: Claudio Villa
    Publisher: Sergio Bonelli
    No monthly series 600
    October 2010

    In 1959 the then distant Daim Press varava the second series "giant" of a successful comic strip, with the reissue "Albi d'Oro" in progress, offering the general public an editorial format of 16 x 21 cm, comfortable, but at perfect time to enjoy the same tables designed, then almost a luxury edition. In hindsight, that format revolutionized the whole Italian comic book publishing, as it was used in the future by other publishers. We are in October 2010: The series that launched this key format also indicated by the term "bonellide" up to 600 numbers.

    This would be enough to justify the historical importance of this goal, yet it is the smallest part of a story born September 30, 1948: the story of Gianluigi, Tea and Sergio Bonelli, Aurelio Galeppini is the story of a story that has lasted more than sixty years. It 's the story of Tex Willer.

    The six hundredth number is an impossible goal, which came true today, a goal that nobody would have bet on anything at the time. It is up to Mauro Boselli, heir of Claudio Nizzi, itself the heir of Gianluigi Bonelli, the honor of writing this historic register. For the designs are Senator John Ticci, for the second time facing a centenary after No 500.

    Party with too many Invited

    Write a similar number should not be an easy task. Firstly because it is a book that, if possible, should be more respectful of the strong traditions of the head which has to be to celebrate it. Secondly, because it also serves as an introduction for new (and hopefully smaller) players who come for the first time, Tex Willer, attracted by the special festivities and color. Mauro Boselli, all due to habitual readers of the Ranger, he chooses the easy way out: "The Demons of the North" is a classic story so far as to border on banality.
    The entire team at Fort Hope, Canada, is slain, roasted and eaten by a horde of cannibal natives do not seem entirely human, while nearby a peaceful tribe of Indians Yellowknife speaks of the "Wolf Man" and "Demons the Mist. " Tex and all pards complete rush to the scene thanks to a premonitory dream of Red Cloud, the medicine man of the tribe of Night Eagle, along with close friend Jim Brandon. Needless to say, of course, those notorious devils will make a very bad end: almost completely exterminated, as befits the Chuck Norris ours.

    "The Demons of the North" from the first sequence, a story is very predictable, in which the elements that could intrigue, as the ambiguous nature of the "demons", are put aside without too much trouble to make room for action pure (or perhaps one could say the massacre of those "poor"). Demons at the beginning of human history seem to be not wishing to act with the mysterious fog lights (torches of the banal), but in the end turn out to be "only" a horde of ravenous cannibals that will test the ability of 'Ranger Steel and its pards, that will solve everything with a stunt not very intelligent to blow up three sticks of dynamite under an active volcano.
    The veiled supernatural nature of the story at the beginning could be seen as a tribute to the stories of the most visionary Gianluigi Bonelli (besides the obvious to do to "The Thirteenth Warrior"), but Boselli, perhaps intimidated by the writing of a register of such importance , the worst seems to refer to more Nizzi, choosing the safest route, structuring the narrative in the most classical as possible, and by giving the casual reader an episode definitely fun, but a regular reader to the largely forgotten history. It is not enough to complete the quartet, the return of Jim Brandon, and a well-scripted siege to revive the fortunes of a story came over trivial and anonymously, probably to the small number of pages available (at least by the standards texiani).

    But it is the register of 600esimo Tex! Someone can sneak away from the quality of the story?

    Ticci colored? No thanks

    Already in the number 500 was perceived of as part of the master Ticci John was not very compatible with the color. The historic artist Siena is probably the most skilled portrait artist still living in western Italy, which suit specific types of stories, but his monstrous talent allows him to address all types exist on the planet without too much effort, in its way, with a few simple brush strokes. An absolute master of black and white, add, if ever it were needed. This is a test that is better and prettier than the last, in which all work great cartoons, which feature the usual stylized never comes into conflict with the readability of the narrative, with a peak in the sequence of the siege, just perfect.

    But we do not like colored Ticci. Fortunately, the color (which he has not realized who he is, the credits are silent about it) seems noble relatives of the color used in the reprint of the Republic, dry and precise, that basically creates the lesser evil for the drawings, which are widely read and never excessive in their colors.

    The result is certainly good, but Ticci we like black and white, and register for the next color we see Pasquale Frisenda well, especially after the dazzling proof that he provided the fifth Dylan Dog Color Fest .

    200 times CVilla

    Sensational cover for the 200th monthly series of Claudio Villa in its extreme simplicity. A Tex Willer tempera, proud and solitary, Strap on his trusty Winchester, perfect pose and coloring, which is highlighted by the background is white, apart from the Titanic "600" and the words "All Colors" for once (probably the first in all centenarians celebrated by Sergio Bonelli Editore) do not mind the view, with a classic "font" of spaghetti westerns.

    Mauro Boselli on the talent there is little to discuss. The speaker is its Tex-testing (eg this or this other ), which places it as the perfect writer for the Ranger Italian prince. This number 600 is narratively a flop, but it is perhaps more to the editorial policy of centenarians (that present the character, even if it comes to 600esimo number and sold in the course of its history tens of millions of copies) for the unworthiness of 'author.

    But Tex is 600. The important (for the Italian comic) is this.

    Subject: 5

    Screenplay: 5

    Drawings: 7.5

    6.5 Colouring


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